Your First Visit

What can you expect?

We recognize that each patient has specific and personal needs when it comes to their dental health or their smile goals. That’s why your initial visit to the clinic is so important: we spend a lot of one on one time with you to get to know your health and needs.

What happens during your first appointment?

You can expect your first visit to last about 1 hour. You will be given a thorough examination and we will gather information about you that will include digital photographs and X-rays. We will also review your dental history as well as your general medical history. We will assess your teeth, gums, the bone around your teeth, TMJ, perform an oral cancer screen and look for any signs of systemic conditions that could appear in the mouth.

Once we have recorded your health information and diagnostic images, we will review this information and the images with you. We will then design a personalized dental treatment plan for you and will start laying out options to achieve your dental health and smile goals.

Boutique Dental Care is Our Mission

WE'RE More than just a dental clinic.

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