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Restorative Dentistry In Ottawa.

Restorative dentistry is exactly what the name applies – it is what your dentist does to restore your broken, damage or missing teeth to keep your mouth healthy and functional. The most common dental problem, that almost all of us had encounter, are cavities. If the cavities are small they can be cleaned and filled with composite resin material known to you as “fillings”.

When the cavities are bigger and more of a tooth structure is damaged it is recommended that you have porcelain restorations done in the form of inlays (smaller)or onlays ( bigger surface) which are done in 2 appointments – first the cavity is cleaned and impression is taken to be send to the lab while you have a temporary filling placed, then second appointment is when the final porcelain restoration is cemented on your tooth.

If there is a really big part of the tooth structure missing or if the tooth had a root canal treatment done – the crown restoration is a better option to keep that tooth functional – and that is a tooth shaped cap made out of porcelain or gold that is cemented over tooth, that is prepared first. That treatment also requires 2 appointments similar to the inlay/onlay ones.
Sometimes, if the damage to the teeth is not big and we are working on the front teeth – it is possible to restore them with porcelain veneers which is a porcelain “facing” that gets cemented on.

What happens if you already missing a tooth?


Replacing missing teeth is important! Not only to enhance your appearance, although that is important as well to give us more self confidence, but mainly it is important for a proper function of your mouth! You chew better which is important for your digestion, you chew on both sides of your mouth which is important for your TMJ ( big hinging joints that attach your lower jaw) and it prevents the other teeth to move towards the empty space created by a missing tooth.


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Dental Options

You have quite a few options to replace the missing teeth and it should be discussed in details with your dentist which option is the best for you.

There are partial removable dentures, bridges, teeth build on implants that we can do but each case is different and unique as you and your body are unique so if you are interested to talk about your options – give us a call!

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