Before we start looking into different ways to improve your smile there are few things to take care of first:

  • Your overall and oral health – this will always be the number one priority, making sure you are at your best health and your gums and teeth are healthy, free of gum disease undermining tooth support or cavities causing tooth structure to disintegrate causing future pain.
  • Making sure your posterior teeth provide good support for the front teeth and giving them good balance for chewing, preventing future chips and fractures of front teeth.
  • Good oral hygiene habits, keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

A smile is always a bright expression bringing warmth to those around us. But, a number of us become insecure of it – worry not! – there are a number of ways to become confident in your smile:

  1. Teeth whitening

This was already covered in one of my previous blog posts, so this is just a quick reminder that whitening works only on natural teeth and does not brighten previous fillings, veneers or crowns. It will always work better on straight, vital teeth and must be repeated every 1 to 2 years to keep the same shade – the frequency depending on your stain related habits like smoking, diet etc.

  1. Composite bonding

This is the quickest and most efficient way to alter the shape and shade of your front teeth. Using the white filling materials we can make teeth more even, close the gaps between them or change their color a couple of shades. Disadvantages: it works if the teeth are only mildly uneven, will not change the color of the teeth drastically and over time it may stain or discolor.

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3. Porcelain veneers

Beautiful aesthetically, porcelain veneers are often chosen to enhance a healthy smile. They do not require a lot of tooth reduction, can alter tooth shape (similar to composite bonding) but keep the color stability for years to come. They will work best on healthy, filling-free teeth when the bite is not too tight.

4. Porcelain Crowns

This is best option for teeth that are heavily restored with previous fillings, had root canal treatments or are chipped, fractured, or moderately uneven. The crowns require more tooth structure reductions to make room for the thickness of the crowns which will make them the strongest option even for a tight bite, especially in patients that heavily grind their teeth. The color is very stable as well, although if you want to avoid the “dark gum line “ that can happen over time due to natural gum recessions, I would recommend not to change the crown color drastically from your natural tooth color.

5. Invisalign

The best option for people that want to enhance their smile by straightening their front teeth; sometimes that is all it takes! Combined with some whitening it makes for great results.

6. Gum Surgery

This option is for people with a “gummy smile” – sometimes the shorter or very mobile upper lip shows just a little too much gum while smiling. Gum surgery could be an option combined with selective Botox injections to the upper lip.

I hope this brief review helps to spark an interest in the various options available. Each case is unique so it is best to start with an overall assessment of your teeth, and explore which way to boost your smile will work the best for you!

This spring – keep smiling!