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This is a space for us to share some of the news related to the scientific dental world. I will try to keep you updated on materials, technology and techniques used in dentistry and they will be steored in ” collection” bin after so they are always accesable to you.

But to start with I want to address the most anticipating information that everyone is worried about these days and that is – how safe is it to visit dental office in the time of pandemic? Since we had posted some general information about precautions that we take on every day bases on our main webpage under “Covid 19 ” button, I just want to concentrate on sterilizing the instruments we use and that have direct contact with your mouth. Now, sterilization process did not change because of Covid, we had always implemented the same high standards but maybe you are interested to know about it now more then ever.

So first of all, after every procedure all the non-disposable instruments are being sprayed with an enzymatic cleaner while still in a room – those are eco – friendly blends of enzymes in a low foaming solution that loosen and remove dried debris, blood, protein and mucin deposits. Then after the faul time ( time we give between every patient for the air purifiers to clean the air in a zipped down room several times) the instrumenst are being carried to the sterilization room where they are rinsed and placed in an ultrasonic cleaner bath – this type of unit removes bioburden by using sound waves which move through the liquid cleaning solution causing the formation and bursting milions of small bubbles. After that instrumenst are rinsed again, dried and packed separetly in bags to be put in a sterilizer.


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Sterilizers work on heat and pressure to kill every possible bacteria and virus. Their performance is being checked by us daily in 3 ways – we check the physical perfomance, chemical indicator and biological indicator so every load is safe. Those parameters are recorded in the computer and every bag of instruments we use on you is scanned to your chart to be inspected at any time.

Now you see why we are so busy all the time! If the procedure takes a little longer or you are late we still have to perform all those steps before the next patient so please be patient with us – it is so importent that we all stay safe and healthy!
I hope that helps with understanding the “behind the scenes” dental work. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask at your next visit!
Stay healthy and positive!