Did you know that your diet could be seriously affecting your enamel?

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March 6, 2018
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A recent study concluded that the acid in orange juice is so strong that the enamel (outside layer of the tooth) is literally acid etched every sip that you take. (This means that if you sip any sort of acidic drink throughout the day your teeth will experience an acid attack for 20 minutes every sip!!)

Lemon juice, often used to detox, is one of the most acidic juices with a PH of 2.25 (A healthy PH is above 6)

The American Dental Association stresses that even foods positioned as healthy, like applesauce and yogurt can erode your enamel.

The unfortunate part about an acidic environment in your mouth is that once enamel erosion has begun, lost enamel cannot be regrown.

To combat any weaker areas (areas with enamel loss) in the mouth, we recommend a daily use of fluoride (toothpaste, gels, trays, tap water etc.)  As well as, rinsing with water if you are planning on having an acidic drink, waiting to brush your teeth for 20 minutes post acidic drink/foods AND regular fluoride treatments at your regular dental hygiene visits.

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